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5955 Hauck Street Ste 103
Las Vegas, NV 89118 | map | directions
(702) 997-4895
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Quantum Arc Media brings your vision to life through our video production services. We create video content for small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, trade shows and conventions, influencers, and more. Along with all of that, we also bring a professional edge to producing feature and short films, documentaries, music videos, and other creative projects.

The Team
The Quantum Arc Media team is made up of highly creative, highly organized, video professionals. Our passion for filmmaking informs each project we take on, bringing a cinematic look and approach to every shot we capture. Whether we’re filming a desert scape, The Las Vegas Strip, a mechanic’s shop, your office, or our studio, we bring our best talent and attitude every time.

The Gear
We also have high-quality digital capture gear including equipment made by Red, Canon, Blackmagic, Sennheiser, Audio-Technica, and lighting and grip packages available to ensure our subjects always look their best! As an active part of the Las Vegas film and video production community, we have access to teleprompters, drones, jibs, connections to various locations, and more.

Location: Studio A
Our location itself has space for a variety of different projects. Our main studio (Studio A) is 1800sq/ft with a green room and a 10’x18’ green screen cyc wall. Studio A is large enough to build an indoor set, a few we’ve had already include: a living room, coffee shop, and dungeon.

Location: Studio B
Studio B is approx a 10’x10’ room with sound dampening foam walls, a standard 3 camera set up, and live-switch capabilities. It’s great for making a bunch of quick content that you can share throughout the year, hosting interviews, live-streaming, filming for an online class, etc.

Post-Production Suite
Finally, our post-production suite has a 110” viewing screen and comfortable producers couch. With access to a local server and editing software including Davinci Resolve and Adobe Creative Suite, it’s a great place to work if you rent the editing space or a great place to visit if we’re editing for you.

Contact Us
Email hello@quantumarcmedia.com to learn more or if you would like a studio tour!
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